Application Procedure

Research Presentation or Publication Grant

Application Procedure

Thesis or dissertation writing grant

Thesis / Dissertation support grant


Master degree
A1 = 30,000 Baht


Master degree
A2 = 15,000 Baht


Doctoral degree
1.1 = 50,000 Baht


Doctoral degree
1.2 = 80,000 Baht


Doctoral degree
2.1 = 20,000 Baht


Doctoral degree
2.2 = 30,000 Baht

Research presentation or Publication grant​

National = 5,000 Baht ​
International = 10,000 Baht

Document Download (Attach DGC02 and DGC03)

1. Expenditure Listing and Estimation Form Click

2. Thesis/Dissertation Support Grant Agreement From

– for students ID 58-60 Click

– For students of code 61 onwards Click

3. Research Presentation or Publication Grant Agreement Form

– for students ID 58-60 Click

– For students of code 61 onwards Click

4. Receipt (Do not specify the date of receipt of payment)

– for Research Presentation or Publication Grant Click

– for Thesis/Dissertation Support Grant Click

5. Bank Transfer Request Form Click

6. Thesis/Dissertation Progress Report Form (for students receiving thesis/dissertation support grant) Click

7. Expenditure Report Click

Note: Please attach a copy of your passport and a copy of the bank account number and sign to certify one copy of each

In the case of payment which has the nature of not being able to retrieve a receipt from the payee. Have the payee sign the receipt and a copy of the ID card,

by having the payee sign to receive the money and have students sign as payers. (Download >> Receipt)

In the case of paying by receiving a receipt which has incomplete list or in the manner that the receipt cannot be retrieved from the payee.

Have students use a certificate of payment attached as evidence as well. (Download >> Payment Certificate)

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