A : 1. The master’s programs.     
            Maximum of 4 academic years from the first semester of study.
     2. The doctoral programs. 
            Type 1.1 and 2.1: maximum of 5 academic years from the first semester of study.
            Type 1.2 and 2.2: maximum of 7 academic years from the first semester of study.
         If students cannot graduate within the specified period , student can request a study period  extension following the Mae Fah Luang University Regulations Subject: Postgraduate Studies BE 2560. (https://goo.gl/NsfF5U)

A :   1. The student has passed a dissertation, thesis and independent study defense examination and shows clear progress in his/her work. And the student must send the Student period extension form (DGC23) within the time limit set by the university.  
      2. Submit student period extension form (DGC23) to the advisor, the programme committee and School committee for consideration. If the school approves, it then submit the form to the postgraduate school committee for consideration and approval. The request shall then be proposed to the university’s academic council for approval. (https://postgrads.mfu.ac.th/images/command_notification/2413d-skm_554e15010815150.pdf)
A :  1. In case of Master of Business Administration Program students, School of management, Fees can be paid at the university’s rate (https://goo.gl/c2oYqR) until the maximum duration of study following item 34.
      2. For all students except Master of Business Administration Program students, School of Management
          2.1    Students before the code 60xxx, submit the progress report (DGC20) within the period specified by the calendar for that semester ; then pay tuition fees Until the maximum duration of study following item 34 .
                In case students cannot submit progress report within the specified period, the progression is treated as equal to the previous semester and the tuition fee is the same as the previous semester.
         2.2    Students Code the 60  xxx  onwards, the fee can be paid at the rate of university ( Https://goo.gl/ 6thedf3theTA) until the maximum duration of study following topic 34 .
A :  Students can request a leave of absence in the following cases.
     1. Students receive international scholarships or other scholarships that the university deems appropriate.
     2. The students are ill and need medical treatment for longer than 3 weeks. The student can submit the medical certificate issued by a public hospital or a private hospital that is certified by the Ministry of Public Health.
     3. The students have a personal necessity and have studied in the University for not less than 1 semester with a GPAX not lower than 3.00.
** The request for leave of absence is not allowed in the last semester that the students have to take a qualifying examination and / or dissertation / thesis / independent study proposal defense examination.

A : The amount of time a student has been granted a leave of absence counts to the study period according to the student’s study plan.

A :     1. When the university finds that the students lack qualifications according to item 44.
        2. When the students have completed all courses required in the curriculum and have received a degree diploma or certificate.
        3. When the students are approved for resignation by the president. The request for resignation must be approved by the advisor, the dean, the Office of Registrar and the president.
        4. After the first two weeks of a semester, if the students have not enrolled or requested to maintain a student status or paid the tuition and other fee(s) (if any), the student’s status will be revoked. However, the students can regain student status within the semester by submitting a request to the advisor, the dean and the president.
        5. The students with conditional student status, whose GPAX is lower than 3.00 or who cannot pass conditions required by the program at the end of the first semester.
        6. The students with full graduate student status, whose GPA is lower than 3.00 in 2 consecutive semesters.
        7. The students in master’s programs plan B who cannot past the second comprehensive examination.
        8. Doctoral degree students who do not take the qualifying examination within 4 semesters from the first semester of study, or cannot pass the examination within 6 semesters from the first semester of study.
       9. Doctoral degree students who cannot pass the second qualifying examination; unless their educational level is approved to change to a master’s degree.
      10. The students who cannot pass the dissertation/thesis/independent study proposal defense examination within the time limit following item 78.
      11. The students who cannot pass the second dissertation/thesis/ independent study defense examination.
      12. The students who cannot graduate within the time limit in section 3: Education Management, part 2: Study Period.
      13. The students who receive a grade of U for two consecutive times within the course of a dissertation/thesis/independent study or thematic paper.
      14. The students who cheat on the production of a dissertation, thesis, or independent study according to item 121.2.
      15. The students who are dismissed for breaking university regulations, rules and announcements. 
      16. The students who are deceased.

A : Contact the division of registrar password inquiries.
    Tel. 0-5391-6544 or 0-5391-6545.

A : Students can check for criteria for transfers from Mae Fah Luang University Regulations Subject: Postgraduate Studies BE 2560, Section 7, Registration, Part 3, Course Transfer, page 21 

PART: Advisor

A : 1. Log in to the Grad MIS system https://mfugradmis.mfu.ac.th/
     2. Select the “Research” menu.
     3. Select “Advisor Comment” of the student who will take examination.

     4. To record your opinion for the exam request. If you have already “saved” your opinion, this information cannot be changed. You need to “Advisor Comment” then tick “approve” for saving your decision. On the approval menu bar, if you choose your decision without selecting “Approvement”, the system will not save this information. For more information, please visit :   https://mfugradmis.mfu.ac.th/

A :  The GRAD MIS password is the same password as that for the REG system. If you forget your password, please contact the Information Technology Services Center at Tel. 053-916395.
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