Dissertation/Thesis/Independent Study Defense Examination

A :   Defense Examination is the examination to finish  the graduate study. It is a synthesis of research data that has been conducted. The researcher must gather all ideas in a systematic manner. The students must be able to answer questions from the examination committee in various dimensions, academic content and statistical information, research, etc.

A :   1. Students in the following programs must have completed all courses and their GPAX must not lower than 3.00.
              1) Master’s programs, Plan A2 and Plan B
              2) Doctoral programs, type 2

       2. The dissertation/thesis defense examination must be done not less than 90 days after the proposal approval.
       3. The independent study defense examination must be done not less than 45 days after the proposal approval.        
       4. Students must pass the English proficiency test for postgraduate studies in accordance with the conditions and regulations required by the University.
       5. Students in master’s programs plan B (Independent study) must pass the comprehensive examination.

A :  1. The student must have qualifications in accordance with Mae Fah Luang University Regulation Subject: Postgraduate Studies (https://postgrads.mfu.ac.th/index.php/en/academic/rules-announce/regulations-eng)
      2. Login to GRAD MIS (https://mfugradmis.mfu.ac.th) to request for defense examination.
      3. Print out DGC09, and Defense Appointment forms as well as results of plagiarism checking; submit to your school.

A :  1. Dissertation/Thesis: not less than 4 weeks
      2. Independent Study: not less than 2 weeks 

A :  Send the curriculum vitae of the external committee to email graduate@mfu.ac.th. Then the staff will check the qualifications of the external committee, and add the name to the GRAD MIS. Once completed, staff will be replying to your email.

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