Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference 2023 (PACCON 2023): “Chemical Diversity Towards Sustainable Development Goals”

In The 25th Anniversary of Mae Fah Luang University

Three Distinguished Plenary Lectures:
(1) Prof. Dr. David W.C. MacMillan, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2021, Princeton University, USA
(2) Prof. Dr. Raymond J. Andersen, University of British Columbia, Canada, Topic: “Natural Product Drug Leads for Development of ‘Host Directed Therapies’ to Manage 21st Century Pandemics”
(3) and Prof. Dr. Paul D. Topham, Aston University, United Kingdom, Topic: “Polymer Design for Sustainable Materials of the Future”
Topics: “Chemical Diversity Towards Sustainable Development Goals”
Date 20 – 21 January 2023
Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai.
Deadline submission: 1 November 2022
Scientific Sessions;
AC: Analytical Chemistry
CC: Catalytic Chemistry
CE: Chemical Education
EE: Environmental Chemistry and Renewable Energy
Sub-Sessions: EE1 – Environmental Process
—————– EE2 – Atmospheric Chemistry
—————– EE3 – Ecotoxicity
—————– EE4 – Other Environmental and Renewable Energy fields
FA: Food and Agricultural Chemistry
Sub-Sessions: FA1- Major and Minor Components of Food, their nutrition, Sensory, and Flavour
—————– FA2- Antioxidants, Phytochemicals, and Botanicals
—————– FA3-Chemistry of Food Additives, Contaminants, and Agro-chemicals, and Toxicology
IC: Inorganic Chemistry
IE: Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
Sub-Sessions: IE1- Advanced Bioenergy
—————– IE2- Chemistry Innovation for Sustainable Waste Management
—————– IE3- Energy for the Sustainable Future
—————– IE4- Other Industrail and Engineering Field
MN: Material Chemistry and Nanotechnology
NP: Natural Products, Biological Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Sub-Sessions: NP1- Natural Products, Isolation, Structural elucidation, Biological Activities, and Synthesis
—————– NP2- Herbal Medicine, and Cosmetic Chemistry
—————– NP3- Biological Chemistry and Chemical Biology: Computational Chemistry, Synthesis, Drug Design, Molecular Biology, and Function of Natural Products at the Chemistry-Biology Interface
—————– NP4- Related fields
OM: Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry
PC: Polymer Chemistry and Bio-based materials
Sub-Sessions: PC1 – Polymers for Sustainable Society
—————– PC2 – Polymers for Health
—————– PC3 – Rubbers and Elastomers
—————– PC4 – Advanced Polymers and Nanopolymers
—————– PC5 – Polymer Technology and Innovation
—————– PC6 – Polymer Characterization and Structural Analysis
PT: Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
School of Sciences, Mae Fah Luang University
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