Additional Criteria for Master’s Degree Level GRP Publication (Plan B)

Publication Ethics
  1. The research paper submitted must never published in print. Or published on the Internet before.
  2. The author submitted should the synthesis of ideas by the author. Do not copy and cut or bring the work of others without their permission. Or do not have the appropriate reference.
  3. The research paper must be check for plagiarism by Turnitin (Send the result with DGC25)
  4. Before the research paper is accepted for publication, it is evaluated by reviewers (Examination Committee) qualified to assess. (with Quality of Articles Form)
  5. If the results of the published is not unanimous. The results of advisors consider criteria.
Submission Guidelines
  1. Send the research paper with Quality of Articles Form to reviewers (Examination Committee)
  2. The author must be edit by the recommendation of reviewers (Examination Committee) before submit the research paper
  3. The author must be send a manuscript with Quality of Articles Form to Office of the Postgraduate Studies
  4. The author send the research paper by Grad MIS:
    1. Login to Grad MIS > published
    2. Record information of published
    3. Attract Research Paper file (Pdf.)
Instructions to Authors
1. Use Times New Roman font (line spacing 1.5)
  • Title                                        14pt bold
  • Author and Advisor                 12pt regular
  • Heading                                  14pt bold
  • General text                            12pt regular
  • Foot note                                 12pt regular
2. First paragraph increase the indent level 0.5 inches, next paragraph align text left, articles usually no more than 10–15 pages
3. In-Text Citations
Two styles of in-text citation is allowed:
          1) name-year system (Author, Year, Page No.[if any])
          2) numerical citation Ex. [1], [2, 3]
4. References
           1) APA Style (The American Psychological Association Style) if cited in text name-year system
           2) The Vancouver style if cited in text numerical citation
Download Template Research Paper for Students Plan B

Download Evaluation Reviewers Form

Update: June 24, 2015