English Proficiency

Equivalent Standard Test Score
   For students who register before Academic Year 2017                                                                                   
Please note that students may use any of the following Standard Test Score to fulfill the University’s English Proficiency requirement as shown in the table below:
Standard Test Ph.D. Level Master’s Level
TOEFL (paper based) 500 400
TOEFL (computer based) 173 100
TOEFL (internet based) 61 33
IELTS (academic module) 5.5 3.5
TU-GET 450 350
CU-TEP 60 45
CMU-TEGS 60 40
MFU-TEP 60 55
If you do hold the score of any of the above standard test which fulfills the University’s requirement, you can make an approval request to the School of Liberal Arts via your own school.
All these tests must be taken not more than 2 years prior to the request date.
Exemption of the English proficiency tests
            Exemption of the test may be given to the following cases
1)     Native speaking students: by considering from homeland and educational records
2)     Exchanged students from the partner universities with English proficiency test requirement upon enrolment.
   English Proficiency criteria for Ph.D. applicant Academic Year 2017                                                            
A Ph.D. applicant should have one of the following English Proficiency Test results. The test result should not exceed 2 years since the exam date.
Types of Test Required Scores
TOEFL (Paper based) 450
TOEFL (Computer based) 133
TOEFL (Internet based) 45
IELTS (Academic module) 5.5
TU-GET 450

* This announcement has been in effect since the 2560 academic year. 

   English proficiency criteria for Graduate students who need to complete their degrees                           
Graduate students who need to complete their degrees must have taken one of the following English Proficiency Tests:
Types of Test Required Scores
Master Degree Doctoral Degree
TOEFL (Paper based) 450 500
TOEFL (Computer based) 133 173
TOEFL (Internet based) 45 61
IELTS (Academic module) 5.5 6.0
TU-GET 450 500
CU-TEP 45 60
CMU-eTEGS 60 65
MFU-TEP 55 60

** The English Proficiency Test result should not exceed 2 years since the exam date and a student must have passed English Proficiency Test prior to his/her dissertation/thesis/independent study defense.
The Process of Comparing the Results
A standard measure of English proficiency (MFU-TEP).
All postgraduates must fulfill the English proficiency requirement by obtaining an MFU-TEP score of:
1) 40 or above for Master Degree (From Semester 1/2017 onward, MFU-TEP score 55 or above)
2) 60 or above for Ph. D. students.
The MFU-TEP will be held three times a year of which the exact dates will be announced by the School of Liberal Arts.
1. A Master Degree student with MFU-TEP score below 55 is recommended to attend the “Academic English for Graduate Studies (AEGS) 1” course.
2. A PhD. student with the score below 55 should take both courses - AEGS 1 and 2.
3. A PhD. student with higher MFU-TEP scores (55-59) could take only the AEGS 2.
Your English proficiency requirement is fulfilled once you have completed the AEGS course(s) with “S” grade.  
Students will not allow to take the Thesis/Dissertation/IS defense exam unless their requirement for the English proficiency is met.
Fee and Payment

1000 Baht for MFU-TEP, and 3,000 Baht for an AEGS course. The fee must be paid in advance to/at 
a)     Mae Fah Luang University, Bangkok Bank, Mae Fae Luang University Branch, Acc. No. 672-0-10817-1
b)     Division of Finance, (Mon –Fri) at 8.00-15.00 (Cash only)
To apply for MFU-TEP and the AEGS course(s), please contact the School of Liberal Arts. Tel: 053-91-6721-2 FAX:  053-916723.
MFU-TEP is the test of English Proficency which consits of our parts including:

1. Grammar and Structure
2. Listenig
3. Reading
4. Easy Writng
For more information: School of Liberal Arts Tel: 053-91-6721 
Update: July 7, 2017